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Call for videos / pictures of the 70th Anniversary Celebrations
In order to publicise the anniversary of ITI and showcase the fine work its members do, we are hoping to make a commemorative video. One special facet of the video will be a summary of the events the ITI Centres and Members organized this year as part of the 70th Anniversary, as we feel it would bring the video to life. For that, we simply ask the Centres and Members to send us a video - no more than 25-30 seconds long – or pictures about their activities for the 70th Anniversary of the International Theatre Institute.
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First jubilee programme of the Macedonian Center of ITI
The 1st Jubilee (1948-2018) programme of the Macedonian Center ITI, in collaboration with the Macedonian Opera and Ballet as well as Festival Skopsko Leto 2018, happened on 3 July 2018. The performance “Metamorphoses” by Ivana Kocevska has been shown to the audience. Here is the description of it: “The thought gives an impulse for the movement process to begin. The body creates the sound. The movement materializes the music, and dance creates its form”.
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2018 – The Year of ITI – 70th Anniversary of the International Theatre Institute
Creation of a Special Calendar on the ITI Websites
Please let us know if you are organizing a Celebration event or if you are organizing festivals, conferences, workshops, seminars, a showcase, etc. that are part of ITI´s 70th Anniversary celebrations.
Please send the information well in advance to info(at) so that we can put it on the ITI Website and make the ITI members aware. >>Please click here to see the map.
Vive ITI!
2018 is the year of ITI. Let´s celebrate it, including both artists and audiences, and increase the visibility of ITI.
Anniversary Logo in your language
As mentioned before, the General Secretariat offers the ITI Centres the opportunity to create the logo in their native language(s). If you want the logo, please send an email to info(at) and attach a Word file with the text in your language.
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